" Just celebrated JoJo’s 7th birthday. She’s been such a joy in our lives! This picture was her 1st birthday." - Debbie Lyon

"I have the matriarch of Henne Goldens
I couldn’t ask for a more well behaved dog
But what matters to me the most is that she is healthy
No hip problems
So far and hopefully not any cancer issues
She is not afraid of a storm or loud noises
I would NEVER have anything but a Henne Golden
You absolutely know that you are getting the best bred when you get a Henne" - Lynn Starkey


"My Gracie is one-of-a-kind! I don’t know how, but she came with a “therapy dog” temperament and the patience of an angel. She’s calm and sweet, perfectly intuitive to the sad/sick. Never had a single health problem with her unless you count eating everything in sight. Haha she’s 7 years old now and a perfect addition to our growing family. I can’t imagine life without our sweet Henne Golden, Gracie bear." - Kendra Sizemore Pearson


"Olive is the sweetest girl I know! She just turned 4 and has so much energy! She is the fluffiest and prettiest girl around. She has my heart! She is always hungry for a treat and ready to snuggle whenever you need her. I would not trade this pup for the world! Thank you Henne Goldens for my best furry friend! ❤️" - Katelyn Rider


"Bonnie is the sweetest and most gentle girl. She has been great with our two young kids and anyone she meets. Truly the BEST girl. Dare I say, she may be the best dog I’ve ever had! I am so happy we found Henne Goldens and found our girl!" - Jennifer King


"I couldn’t be more thankful that Roni Campbell and Compass Key Service Dog Training pointed me to Henne! Stetson is already showing signs of being a great service dog! ❤️ "- Sharon Harvey


My Baylor is one in a million! When we chose him it was a love at first sight. He is a remarkable dog who brings so many smiles to everyone he meets. He enjoys swimming, playing tug, Jeep adventures, and loves playing with all of his friends at the dog park and daycare. He has brought our entire family the most incredible joy. He has a calm nature who is always happy . Jessica is an exceptional breeder who truly puts her heart and soul into every puppy she works with. On top of that I found an extended Henne golden family and have made some wonderful new friends. My family and I will be forever be grateful to Jessica. Baylor is truly the best friend I could ever ask for. - Kari Tagliatela

I was introduced to Henne Goldens through a friend. I was looking for a golden retriever puppy and was instantly drawn to the English cream goldens. After reaching out to Jessica and following their Facebook page, my husband and I knew we wanted one of these beautiful babies. Jess has an in-depth knowledge of Goldens and of puppies in general. These puppies spend their first few weeks being raised in a family atmosphere. They are not shy and we experienced no separation anxiety when we brought our baby home. She was immediately crate trained and slept through the night her first night home. Everyone who meets our delightful girl falls in love. She is beautiful, loving and so sweet. Yes, she’s a puppy so we are dealing with the usual puppy issues. But we wouldn’t trade her for the world and would recommend Henne Goldens to anyone. - Maureen Kelly Anderson


"Rip is 100% love and joy! He is our 6th Golden Retriever, but it was our first experience with Henne Goldens. Rip is the BEST bred Golden that we have had in 25 years! His coat is gorgeous and we have not had a single health or skin issue. He is kind, smart and very inquisitive. Jessica chose the puppy for our family based on our other (elderly) golden, kids and lifestyle. She was spot on! We are so pleased that we are planning on getting another puppy from Henne Goldens next year!" - Garnett Casey Willard

Molly & Maggie

"I grew up always wanting my very own golden retriever. In May of 2020, my family was lucky enough to find Jessica & Henne Goldens. We loved more than anything that these babies were raised by Jessica and her family. I’ve never seen anyone who puts so much care into these doggies.

We watched the puppies grow each week as soon as they were born and before we knew it, our puppy was ready to come home.

By August 2020, Jessica flew up to NY bringing us our first baby: Mollie from Quinn/Oshie. It was a learning curve for sure with our first golden, but Jessica helped us the whole way.

We absolutely fell in love with our Mollie and decided our family needed another Henne golden. In August 2022, we got Maggie from another Quinn/Oshie litter making these two “real” sisters.

Mollie & Maggie are the sweetest, most loving girls & have the most special bond together. It’s been so great watching the girls grow together & with our family. I am forever grateful for Jessica for bringing me these two goldies I didn’t know I could love so much.

The only thing better than one Henne golden is two!! 💜💜" - Stephanie Visconti


"Henry has been nothing but “golden” right from the start! The absolute easiest puppy, the best with our two babies/toddlers, and the most loyal companion! He loves everyone and they love him 💛 "- Emily Berticelli